Introduction of my Furbabies and What is “Less Adoptable”?

Being the fur mom to two “less adoptable” fur kids has been rewarding, challenging and interesting all rolled into one, just as I am sure it is the same with any fur parent.

I thought I would introduce them with pictures since this blog will include quite a bit of information regarding them.

First up is Isis, she is a DMH (Domestic Medium Hair) kitty.  She is about 4 years old.  She was surrendered to the shelter from an abusive and neglected situation.  When we first adopted her, she was not very cat-like.  She didn’t know how to play, she was scared of everything and everyone and was very quiet.

Fast forward to now, Isis has become a lap/shoulder cat, she is playful, she is extremely vocal (even when she is eating she likes to talk with her mouth full, although we are trying to teach her that it’s not good manners to talk with her mouth full 😉 ) She purrs like crazy and loves attention.  We have worked with her to teach her how to play, and have socialized her, and made sure she has the confidence to be the best kitty she can be.  (More on socialization and playing in upcoming posts).

Here is a picture I took of her tonight.  She was standing on my lap and talking to me.

Next, meet Sasha. She is a black Lab mix, we’re not completely sure of the mix, but the vet thinks German Shepherd and Pitbull.  She is a sweet dog that likes to mug for the camera.  She was removed from an abusive and neglected home and was brought to the shelter, where she was adopted out and brought back a total of 6 times.  When we first got her she was timid and barely walked around the house.  She was left outside 24/7 with her previous owner.  She seemed sad and defeated.

Now she is a happy and playful pup, who likes to get into things and actually likes to play.  Her favorite toy is a veggie plushy that sounds like it’s oinking.  She loves her daily and nightly walks, and most of all, she loves being around her people.  She wouldn’t hurt a fly, but everyone she encounters seems to be afraid of her.  Most people say that because she is black, she is bad luck, or evil, which is simply not true.  People just have to be around her for a few minutes and she will be giving them kisses and wanting to be loved on.  She is the apple of her fur daddy’s eye, and she has really bonded with my husband.

Now for those of you who are unsure of what a “less adoptable” pet is, here is a wonderful article that explains everything.  It makes me sad to think that anyone would be prejudice against any animal, unfortunately that is the way life is at times.

Less Adoptables


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Just a furmom taking care of "less" adoptables-a dog and cat that are black, always adopting and not shopping. Love many activities,my oscar fish, animals, shopping, friends, family, life, my husband and of course my fur babies.

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