Save Ace-Urgent!

Tonight will be something different.  I am at a loss as to what think about the state I live in and the treatment of a poor little dog in Detroit.

What happened is that a baby Pit bull wandered into the parking lot of an Ace Hardware store in Detroit.  It was emaciated and shivering.  Ace was stolen from his owner, seemingly to be a bait dog for pit bull fights, and was then brought to Detroit Animal Control.  From there, the story gets a bit muddled.  The owner went down to Detroit Animal Control to claim her dog, but was shown a different dog.  No one knows if Ace is still alive or if they just hastily put Ace down.  No one has confirmed or denied what his status is.  The poor baby!

The DAC is now saying that it will not adopt out pit bulls ever, and if the owner does not come to claim their dog within 4 days, pit bulls are put to sleep.  How is that fair?  That is breed discrimination.  People need to stop blaming the breed and start blaming bad owners!

Hush from the Detroit Dog Rescue team has a great facebook page so that you can follow the plight of Ace here.  Also, Ace has his own facebook page here.

Even if you do not live in Detroit, or Michigan, please please please call or e-mail these people respectfully, but firmly to show your disgust at this terrible practice.  I am very embarrassed to be living in a state with such backward practices.  Until we can fix the laws with animals, how are we ever going to fix the ridiculous laws against child abuse or sex offenders?  We must start somewhere.

Here is a site to sign a petition to remove Harry Ward from animal control:



Here are all the contact addresses for council to help change the laws.  We can do this together.  If your e-mails get bounced back, keep trying.  If voicemails are full, keep calling.  We can do this together.  Remember to be respectful but firm when contacting these people.  I have called and e-mailed and am disgusted we even have to do this.  Please join in and share this with your friends.  Thank you so much!

Loretta Davis, Health Dept. 313.876.4300 (her voicemail box is full – this number will take messages for her, or

Senator Carl Levin, 313.226.6020

 Mayor Dave Bing’s Office at (313) 224-3400, fax (313) 224-4128
Council President Charles Pugh (313) 224-4510,
Council President Pro Tem Gary Brown (313) 224-2450,
Councilwoman Saunteel Jenkins (313) 224-4248,
Councilman Kenneth Cockerl, Jr (313) 224-4505,
Councilwoman Brenda Jones (313) 224-1245,
Councilman Andre Spivey (313) 224-4841,
Councilman James Tate (313) 224-1027,
Councilman Kwame Kenyatta (313) 224-1198,

Councilwoman JoAnn Watson (313) 224-4535,

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