Preparing for Winter-Sad Ace Update

While most of Michigan is getting dumped on, I figured it would be a good idea to discuss things we can do to protect our pets in the winter time.

As mentioned before in a post, when walking your dog outside, there is a mix of sand and salt and chemicals that will get on their paws after the roads have been plowed.  Some people recommend buying doggie boots, but I am not a big fan of those.  We tried some on Sasha and she kept trying to kick them off and was slipping and sliding everywhere.

As well, there are many small and toy breeds that would probably benefit with having winter clothing so that they can withstand the harsh winter weather.  Some larger breeds I am sure would do well with coats as well.  We tried this on Sasha and she was not receptive to it at all.  In fact, she will rip them off, so tread lightly on putting a coat or other winter clothing on a larger breed dog 😉

What I use with Sasha is Musher’s Secret, it is a wax that protects the paws from debris and salt and sand.  I always put it on about 20 minutes before a walk and then wipe it off after we get back home.  It doesn’t make her slip and it does not bother her at all to have it on her paws.

Please make sure that if you leave your dog outside for any length of time in the cold (or in the heat for that matter), they have a safe and warm or insulated dog house for shelter.  You can get plans to build your own, but I love this website, it has over 100 dog houses for sale and it ships fast!

Also, please make sure your dog has clean water that is not frozen in their dish outside.  Many people forget that the water will freeze and then the dog is left without any water.  Also, leave some food out for them if they will be outside longer than usual.

If you have a cat and they are an indoor/outdoor cat, please make sure they have some place to run and hide and a place to get out of the cold.  If you are not going to be home for a while, make sure you have a lean to, or shelter for them.  Their little paws can freeze and frostbite is not just something that people get, animals can get it as well.  Please please take precautions with your pets when the weather turns nasty.  The last thing anyone wants is to have to rush a frostbitten animal to the vet in the middle of the night.

And now for a sad update about Ace from my post from yesterday.  Despite the injunction imposed where the shelter was not to put any animal down or any animal that resembled Ace, the shelter euthanized Ace today.  I am heartbroken.  When this was a time for the city of Detroit to shine, it ended up failing miserably.  This is not over though.  Please put the pressure on those people I mentioned yesterday in my post but PLEASE do it RESPECTFULLY but FIRMLY.  We need to change the ridiculous animal control laws within Detroit.  And as for Harry Ward and Bruce King stated they DID NOT receive the injunction filed this week, thus they could not stop from putting the dog to sleep because if they saved this dog, they would have to take consideration for all other dogs.  Um..what???  There is a place for these people and I hope they rot in it.

Please take some time to look over the ridiculous laws and help to change them.  If we all do our part, something will change.  I want to believe that people are more civilized, and better than this.

Thank you to all who have tried and given their time to this cause.  You are my hero’s.


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