Cat Voiding Outside of Litter Box

This is a very common occurrence that can mean something small or it can be something dangerous.  Let’s talk about what could be the issue.

The first simple explanation is that the cat may be marking his/her territory.  Can the cat see other cats from where the litter box is located?  If so, they might be nervous and marking their territory to ensure the other cats know who’s boss.  Here is a great article about cat spraying and how to stop your cat from spraying.

If you are a multi-cat household, does each cat have his/her own litter box?  This is highly recommended as some cats will not tolerate other cats going in their space.  Make sure the boxes are not next to each other but on different sides of the room or different rooms completely.

Next up, the cat may not like the litter that is chosen.  Is it scented?  Cats don’t like things that are highly scented.  Some litter has a light scent, the litter I use for Isis is called World’s Best Cat Litter.  It is lightly scented and made of corn so it’s not as bad on the environment.  I would not recommend clay cat litter for most cats, as if it gets stuck between their paws and they clean their paws, it can get into their digestive tract and cause a blockage and be extremely painful for your cat.  The blockage could be the reason that the cat is voiding outside the litter box.  If you are in the market for a new cat litter, here is a site that compares several for you.

Consider your litter box, is it covered or uncovered?  Some cats refuse to use a covered litter box after a while, so take the lid off and see if that changes things. Also make sure the litter box is scooped daily so that all feces and urine is gone.  No one likes to go into a dirty bathroom and your cat doesn’t like a dirty litter box.

Make sure to clean up the spots outside of the box with a deterrent to voiding there again and put something smelly there, possibly something like a vinegar smell.

The more dangerous aspects that could be contributing to this are a UTI (urinary tract infection) or crystals in urine from kidney’s.  This goes back to feeding a good diet to your cat and ensuring it is not getting a high carb/low protein diet, but rather HIGH protein and low low low carb.

Make sure if your cat is voiding outside the litter box, you take the cat to your vet.  They will rule out anything health related and make sure the cat is free of UTI’s or crystals, or some kind of blockage.  All can be dangerous and even fatal if not taken care of in a timely fashion.  I know we all want the best for our fur babies, so make sure your cat is happy and comfortable.



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