Say NO To Declawing!!!

Many people have complained that their cats with claws have been ruining furniture, carpeting, among other things.  People say they are at their wits end and cannot take it any longer and are going to get their cat declawed.  Please reconsider, it is not a good practice and in fact, in many other countries besides the USA, it is illegal.

Basically, when you declaw a cat, you are amputating the last joint of their toes because the claw is practically part of the toe bones.  Imagine someone coming up to you and cutting off the top parts of all your fingers, how would you function?  Would you find that comfortable and be happy that it was done?  And don’t forget, with humans, we can recoup in bed and we wouldn’t have to use our hands for anything.  With a cat, they need their paws and claws to be able to do basic functions such as walking, defending themselves against predators, scratching in their litter box, grooming themselves and many other  day to day activities.

There are alternatives to having a cat declawed.  First you can buy scratching posts.  Sisal scratching posts are usually the best and the ones cats are attracted to most.  Here are other scratching posts  for sale, you can pick which one suits your cat’s needs.  Always remember to have patience.  When you get the scratching post, make sure that you show it to the cat, and run their paws up and down it a few times.  Also, if your cat reacts to catnip, sprinkle some on to attract them and rub their paws gently up and down the post.  This will help to show the cat what they can scratch instead of the furniture or carpet.

As well, double sided tape on whatever your cat is trying to scratch can definitely deter them from scratching.  Cats don’t like sticky stuff and that tape can deter them.

Sometimes cats can be deterred from scratching with a spray.  Give it time to work and make sure to saturate the area enough so that it’s not soaking wet to the touch, but slightly damp.

As an example, many years ago I adopted a Maine Coon cat that a man was getting rid of because he didn’t have time for her anymore and he ‘hated her personality’.  His words not mine.  I asked him what was wrong with her personality and he said ‘well after I got her declawed, she hated me and hissed and bit me all the time.  Before that, she was the sweetest cat ever.’  It took everything in me not to pop that man in his face.  I happily took her home and started to work with her.  She really was quite nervous and anxious and did try to bite me often.  She swiped at me all the time, was very jumpy and never seemed to relax.

For over a year I worked with her, showing her that I was not going to hurt her, I was her friend.  I offered her treats, talked to her, pet her whenever she came close enough to me, made sure to feed her her favorite food and bought her tons of toys and even a scratching post so that she could feel like she was still a whole cat and could go through the motions of scratching.

Finally one day it clicked with her.  Honestly, it was like a different expression on her face and I could see it clicked in her eyes.  I was the one who brought goodness to her and kindness.  She did end up being the kitty that man had always wanted-if only he would have not declawed her, she would have ALWAYS stayed the sweet kitty he always wanted.  She was a wonderful cat and lived to be 14 years old.  Unfortunately, she had to go through several years of being completely anxious, before knowing that someone cared about her.  She would not have had to go through any of that if she wouldn’t have been declawed in the first place.

If you want more information about declawing, please read this article by a Veterinarian.  Please don’t just jump to conclusions and think that you cannot work with your cat to stop the scratching.  Please have patience and show love and kindness to your pet.  I promise your cat is not doing that to be mean, it’s a natural reaction that cats have, just redirect their attention to something they are allowed to scratch.

I hope that over time, this information will change your mind, if it does, let me know, leave a comment, I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for taking the time to consider a different perspective on declawing.



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