Rave – Thundershirt!

Does your dog suffer separation anxiety?  Does your dog hate crate training or traveling or thunderstorms?  Do they pull on the leash so much that you don’t like going for walks?  I have a solution for you….Thundershirt!

Sasha has been severely abused and suffers from anxiety of all sorts and we were worried that she was not living a happy and healthy life.  I had no idea what I was going to do and had read tons of books and saw the vet.  Then I did some research on the net and found a site selling a Thundershirt.

If you check out the website, you will see that it is made of t shirt material, with some velcro at certain pressure points on the dog.  When you place it on them correctly, the dog goes from being wild and anxiety-ridden to calm, cool and some even will fall asleep with it on.

It was never an option for me to take Sasha back to the shelter after we discovered all her issues at home.  I consider my fur babies members of the family, and I would never return a member of the family to some place like a shelter.  The shirt has helped her immensely.  I cannot sing the praises enough of this shirt.

Case in point: Sasha would have a whining and barking fit and a puppy meltdown anytime my husband and I would get ready to leave for date night or shopping or what have you.  She would whine and cry, bark and follow us everywhere frantically trying to make sure we wouldn’t leave.  It was almost impossible to leave her for more than a half hour at a time.  She would bark and whine in her crate as we were leaving and we didn’t want our neighbors to have to put up with the noise.

Fast forward to a month later, we bought the shirt and were skeptical at first.  Then came time for us to go grocery shopping.  My husband called her over and she was whining and crying and was quite distressed, he finally got her to sit down.  We both held our breaths as he put the shirt on a HALF HOUR before we were ready to leave.  Honest to goodness, within a minute, Sasha was standing calmly, looking at us, not whining or barking or crying!  She went and laid down on the floor and started to chew on a bully stick and left us alone to finish getting ready.  She didn’t follow us everywhere, she wasn’t distressed anymore, she was just calm.  My jaw dropped because I couldn’t believe that she was the same dog.

Once we were ready, we called her over to her crate and she went inside the crate without any issues, she just walked right in!  I was in awe that this shirt could change her that quickly.

We put the bone in the crate with her and left the house.  No whining or barking whatsoever.  We left her for the first time for 2 hours and came back home to a happy, calm and tail wagging doggie.   I was so excited that we were able to finally find something that would help calm her.

It helps to calm her during thunderstorms and even when we are walking, she doesn’t pull on the leash.  It truly is an amazing product.

It is totally drug free (I am NOT into giving pills to solve a problem with a human, nor an animal.  Many vets will push pills such as Prozac to calm a dog, but I do not plan on ever doing that.  If you do, that’s totally your business, but it’s not my practice to do so).

What we make sure to do is to have Sasha wear it when she is doing stuff she really likes such as eating or going for a walk so that she doesn’t associate the Thundershirt with us leaving all the time.  We also put it on her at least a HALF HOUR before we are leaving so that she gets used to it and can calm down completely before we leave.

Usually, we will make sure that she has had a walk shortly before putting it on when we leave and also, make sure you take your dog outside to do their business before leaving them for any amount of time.  We always make sure she goes pee at least before we go anywhere.

Check out the Thundershirt website and watch the videos of the dogs before and after putting the Thundershirt on.  It is amazing the difference in behavior.

Sasha has become a calmer, happier dog since we started using the Thundershirt.  If you have a dog that suffers anxiety, leash pulling, difficulty with traveling, I highly recommend buying a shirt.  Yes it is $39.95, but that is a small price to pay for a lifetime of puppy happiness.  Think of the vet bills it will save, and how cheap that is compared to putting your dog on pills for the rest of their life.  Prozac for life is NOT cheap.  Try the Thundershirt, your dog will thank you!

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Just a furmom taking care of "less" adoptables-a dog and cat that are black, always adopting and not shopping. Love many activities,my oscar fish, animals, shopping, friends, family, life, my husband and of course my fur babies.

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