Thanksgiving Safety Tips For Pet Parents

A Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers today.  I hope everyone is enjoying their time with their families and getting their fill of turkey or whatever you have for your meal.

Always remember that any holiday can be stressful for some pets.  All the hustling and bustling, noise and commotion can be too much for some pets.  Make sure they have some place they can get to that is safe for them and quiet so they can relax and de-stress.

Make sure to watch out what you are feeding your fur babies today.  Although these foods are just indulgences for us, many can be too rich or even toxic to your pets.  Always remember if you must feed them from the table, small moderate tastes of food is more than adequate.  If pets are fed too much, this can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and join issues.  I know we all want our pets to live as long and as healthy as possible, so please be careful how much you feed your fur babies this time of year.

This might be a side note, but make sure to watch the door when people are coming and going.  Many pets can get confused and caught up in the bustle of the holidays and slip outside unexpected.  Keep your pets away from the doorway to ensure you are not posting lost dog or cat notices the next day.

Another point to watch out for is the little ones in the family and the food they may drop on the floor.  Most dogs will sit there and hope that someone will drop some delicious food on the floor for them.  Also SOME of the little ones in families can get exuberant and chase after pets, pull on tails and get overly excited, causing the pets to stress out.  Not all little ones are this way, just ensure that pets can have a safe place to run to where little hands (and big hands for that matter) cannot get to them.

In case you need more tips for Thanksgiving safety, Wellness has made a list of the top 10 tips for Thanksgiving safety for our fur babies.  Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans and Happy Thursday to all my readers, and enjoy your day!



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