Microchipping and You

Perhaps a moment that strikes fear in the hearts of any responsible pet parent is when your pet sneaks between your legs or becomes an escape artist and suddenly comes up missing!  It’s enough to make your heart stop and for some to blame themselves for this happening.

Many pet parents have a collar and ID information on the tags, but what happens when that collar is a break away and then your pet is roaming free, with no ID to bring them back home to you?

One of the better solutions for even extra peace of mind is to get your pet microchipped.  What is a microchip you ask?  Well glad you did.

A microchip is a small device (the size of a grain of rice) that is injected in a loose section under the skin (usually in the back between the shoulder blades), which has an ID number.  It is important that once the pet is microchipped, that you go online and register the chip and fill in your current address and phone number.  Every time you move you will have to update the information.  In some cases, the vet will set up the information with you at the office.  Yes, a vet must implant it under the skin.  It does not hurt anymore than getting a vaccination.

How it works is that when a pet is brought into a shelter or a vet’s office and it is considered a stray, one of the first things they will do is run a hand held scanner over your pet’s body.  If there is a microchip, they are notified and the information will be available to them to contact you and make arrangements to pick up your pet.  This is easy enough and helps to reunite over 7000 pets with their pet parents each year.

As for the cost, it can vary.  If you have a low cost vet in the area, they can charge as little as $15 to do the implant.  I called around to the vets here, remember, I do not live in a large city so there isn’t a ton of competition.  The prices ranged from $25-$50.  Please call your vet and find out about prices in your area. To me, these prices are worth it for peace of mind.


I have a great article that explains in depth what microchipping is, how beneficial it is and the more technical aspects of Microchipping.  Have a look at it and decide for yourself.  For me it’s a no brainer; I love my pets and if they ever escape, I want to know that some way or another, someone will find them and they will get back home safe and sound to me.



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