Chin Acne in Pets – Causes and What To Do

You wake up one morning and your cat has jumped on your bed.  You’re scratching their chin and all of a sudden you see and feel a little white bump.  Worried, you investigate further and find that your kitty has acne on their chin!

How did this happen?  What can I do to fix this?  Simple, put on your thinking cap and read on.

Do you own any plastic dishes that your cat eats or drinks out of?  Any kind of plastic dish whatsoever.  If you do, get rid of it.  Plastic dishes are a hotbed for lingering bacteria.  When your cat eats food from the dish, their chin usually rubs on the dish edge and voila…this is the reason they are getting acne.  Throw the dishes out, no amount of cleaning or sanitizing can get rid of all the bacteria those dishes harbor.

If you have ceramic dishes, make sure they are not made in China, and make sure they are of the better crafted variety.  The problem is that some cheaply made ceramic dishes can leak dyes and cause health issues and acne on your pet’s chin.  As well, some dishes can contain lead and we all know that can lead to lead poisoning and we don’t want that!

Stainless steel can also harbor some germs and create some issues with more sensitive pets.

If you have a water fountain your pets drink out of, make sure that it’s not made of plastic.

When I read all this information recently, I had to do a complete overhaul of all the dishes I use.  I now just purchase any clear glass dishes that humans use (I use small ingredient bowls like this one for my cat, Isis, or you can find larger ones for your dog on the same site).

Neither had acne but I wanted to make sure that they are safe and glass dishes are the safest to use.  Just make sure to wash their dishes frequently, to make sure they stay safe.

As long as there isn’t any acne on your pet’s chin, they should be fine.  Keep checking if you’re worried or in doubt, buy glass dishes.  Some pet stores do sell them, you might have to dig to find them if you are set on getting them at a pet store.

If you do the above and it’s still present, make an appointment with your vet, just to rule out anything else it may be.

Stay safe!



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