Doggies Learning to Take Treat Nicely

Does your dog snap like a crazy boy/girl when you offer treats?  Ever wanted to be able to give your dog a treat without loosing your fingers.  I have an easy solution for you to be able to teach them to take treats gently and leave all your fingers in tact!

When we first brought Sasha home from the shelter, she had never had treats before, so she used to jump and snap when I offered her one.  What I did to stop her from doing this behavior is as follows (it’s very simple):

I first got a treat and made Sasha sit down.

Then I put the treat in the palm of my hand and closed it until I made a fist.

I let Sasha sniff my hand so that she knew there was a treat in it.

It was at this point that she tried to nip and bite at my hand to get the treat.  I firmly said “NO!” and she finally stopped doing that.

Next, I kept my hand in a fist until she started to lick my hand only.  Once she did that, I used the command “Gently” so that she would know as soon as she did that, she would get a treat.

Once she started to consistently just lick my hand, I would open it up, and let her lick the treat from the palm of my hand.  There wasn’t anymore biting or snapping or going after it like she had never eaten before in her life.

This took about a day to train her to take the treat gently.  It was also important that I used the command “Gently” so that she wouldn’t grab.

With some dogs that grab, you might need to invest in a heavy glove so that your hands don’t get bitten to pieces.

Make sure to let the dog know what behavior is not acceptable and what is acceptable.  Praise your dog like crazy once they get the hang of taking treats from the palm of your hand gently.

I hope this helps the dog owners out there who have snappy dogs, and I hope this helps the dogs to learn to be gentle and have manners.  Good luck and I hope it works for you as well as it worked for Sasha and I.




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Just a furmom taking care of "less" adoptables-a dog and cat that are black, always adopting and not shopping. Love many activities,my oscar fish, animals, shopping, friends, family, life, my husband and of course my fur babies.

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