Buckle Up For Safety – For Dogs?

Yes that’s right!  Until we got Sasha, I didn’t know there were seat belt harnesses for dogs instead of putting them in a crate while traveling!  Sasha loves her crate at home, but in the car, not so much.  She enjoys car rides now and doesn’t whine to get out.

The harnesses are very easy to use and most just hook or buckle into your existing back seat seat belts.  I should mention these are NOT to be used in the front seat with those types of seat belts.

As always, when traveling, make sure to take a break just about every hour, let your dog out to stretch their legs, run around and go potty if need be.  Bring along dog travel dishes, and offer water every hour when you stop and feed your dog as close to on schedule as you can.  If you are going for a trip that is longer than three (3) hours, make sure to bring food and treats if possible.

You’re probably asking if they make the seat belts in the proper size for your dog.  The answer is yes!  They make all sizes for all breeds.  Now Sasha weighs 50 lbs., and we were recommended to get the “Large” size for her.  But Sasha has a narrower chest and shoulder area, so she takes a size medium, so do not go by weight, but more your dog’s chest size.  Try to take your dog in for a fitting and see which size works for your dog.

The seat belt harness fits just like any harness that you would use to walk your dog.  It should be snug enough to where you can only fit two fingers under the straps.

Prices will vary for these, not only according to the size of your dog, but also the brand and style and material it is made of, will affect pricing.  We bought ours for $22.

Here is an example of the pricing and styles from Petsmart.

You can always Google around if you are not satisfied with those.  Just type in Seat Belt Harness for Dogs and you will get a huge list like this one.

It should also be mentioned that these seat belts should not be used for cats.

Don’t forget to buckle up your doggies when you travel, just as safety is a huge concern for humans, it is a huge concern for doggies!




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