Daily Archives: January 7, 2012

Weekly Trick – Dog Balancing Treat On Nose

This is a great trick to try to teach your doggie.  Probably the hardest part for the dog will be to feel something strange on his nose.  It might take some time, but once the trick is learned it will be a good one to show off your doggie’s wit and brains!

  • First off, get your dog into the sitting position.
  • Put a small piece of your dog’s favorite treat on the flat part of his/her nose.
  • Immediately say “OK!” and the dog will get the treat and give lots of praise!
  • After, give another treat because they allowed a treat to be on their nose.

Keep repeating the above steps with longer amounts of time in between the time of putting the treat on the nose and saying “OK!”  Remember to give tonnes of praise for allowing a treat to be in their nose.

Keep repeating the trick two to three times a day for several days.  Some dogs will pick up this trick quicker than others.  It’s okay.  Just keep praising and practicing and your doggie will learn how to balance a treat on his/her nose.

Here is a video of the trick in action, it is short, and it is not me, nor any of my pets in the video.