Interesting Cat Facts

There are many interesting things to know about cats,and many of us have a great love of cats and animals in general, but did you know that a person who loves cats is called an ailurophile; cat haters are known as ailurophobes?

I found a great website that has many interesting cat facts and trivia as well as world records for all things cats.

Want to know how to say the word “cat” in different languages?  Here are some: French – chat; German – katze; Italian – gatto; Spanish/Portugese – gato; Yiddish – kats; Maltese – qattus; Swedish/Norwegian – katt; Dutch – kat; Icelandic – kottur; Greek – gata; Hindu – katas; Japanese – neko; Polish – kot.

Interestingly enough, cats have AB blood groups just like people.

I find this information fascinating, I love learning new facts and trivia about…well anything really, but learning all this new information about cats makes me appreciate Isis all the more.
If you would like to learn some new and interesting information about cats, here is the website.


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