Neutered Cat Spraying

You know how it is sometimes, you get your cat neutered and follow all the proper procedures and your cat still sprays.  How can this be?  Let’s take a look at why your neutered cat is still spraying.

Cats are sticklers for routine, they thrive on it and they will let you know they are not happy if you change their routine.  Did you get another cat and not do introductions properly?  Did you start a new job and are gone most of the day, thus cutting into play time or eating time?  Is there a new person/different kind of pet in the house now?  OR maybe you moved the litter box to a less private spot?  All these things should be considered when trying to solve the issue of your cat spraying.

Many cats will react to anxiety by spraying.  It is an ingrained process and remember, they are NOT doing this to anger or frustrate you.  To ensure your cat is healthy, a trip to the vet is in order, so that they can discuss with you how to stop this behavior before it gets out of control.

To help stop your cat from spraying, make sure that you keep their litter box clean.  Sometimes scooping it twice a day or more can help.  Do not deviate from their routine if you can possibly help it.  Sometimes with cats that are high strung or  anxiety-ridden, Feliway spray around your house can combat the issue.

To read more about cat spraying, here is an article to help you with this issue.

In the end, your neutered cat spraying can be cause for concern and a trip to the vet can’t hurt.  Take care of your cat, make sure that routines are followed, the litter box is clean and in a private place, and that your cat is in good health.  Your cat will thank you for that.


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