Shedding Tips

It’s getting close to that time for people to break out the shedding brushes, shampooing at least once a week in a soothing oatmeal bath and vacuuming what seems like every other day, just to keep the pesky fur away.  I think we could have made another dog out of the fur that Sasha shed last year.

Recently, we purchased a Furminator.  It is a shedding tool (brush) used to get rid of the undercoat, thus stopping the shedding process from being so massive.  I use it for about five minutes per day and I do it in long, slow, gentle strokes so that it gets everything out.  If you do this diligently, it helps to stop the shedding.  I am definitely happy with the purchase and cannot sing enough praises for this product.  I can even use it on Isis.  It is quite expensive, but worth it.  An alternative is to buy it on ebay, and it will cost significantly less.  It is sized according to your dog (or cat’s) weight.  Even though I use the same brush on both my furbabies, with Isis, I must be extremely careful and extra gentle.  Basically it looks like clippers, but it’s not electric powered.  It works well with all dogs that do shed.  The best part is, they also have shampoos and waterless sprays if you follow the link I provided above you can order those as well.

If you do not want to use a Furminator, there are many tips to keeping your dog (or cat) from filling your home full of fur.  As usual, brushing every day with whatever kind of brush you can afford will help immensely.  Feeding good food is definitely a step in the right direction as well.

For more tips on how to keep the shedding down to a dull roar, here is something to read and ponder.


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