Coping and Help with Noise Phobias

Many pets get fearful and even stressed at the sound of a thunderstorm, fireworks or any loud noises.  If a cat or dog is phobic, they tend to run away, they can urinate, defecate, some will vomit (Isis will do this if there are loud trucks outside or a prolonged thunderstorm).  There are many symptoms of noise phobia, learning to treat it and get your pet used to the sound and not associating it with something negative is, at times, extremely difficult.

Noise phobias may not be able to be treated completely.  Some pets are more receptive to treatment, some, it is so ingrained in their psyche that they cannot process the sound any differently than associating it with negative aspects.

Changing the behavior usually comes in the form of medications, environment changes and modifying the behavior.  I am not particularly fond of medication, only for EXTREME cases in any situation.  I think a more natural approach to the other steps works better than medication.

One thing for sure, if your pet is running and hiding from loud sounds, do not pet them and pay extra special attention to them while they are running and hiding.  This only enforces the behavior and your pet will think this is the proper way to act when loud noises are occurring.

To find out how to work with your pet on their noise phobias, here is an article.  Just remember, this will not be fixed overnight, if at all.  In time, the behaviors may diminish some, but in some pets it may never go away completely.  Also, have patience in teaching your pets not to react negatively to loud sounds.  Always ensure your pet is in healthy condition and not ill.  Helping your pet get over phobias may be one of the most rewarding things you and your pet can do, and it can create a bonding experience like nothing else ever could.


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