Senior Cat Care

As our kittens grow up to be cats, then growing into their senior years, caring for them at this age is more and more important.  The senior stage of life for cats usually begins between the ages of 8-12.  This is marked by usually a cat who is not as interested in their food and is not as playful as they once were.  It can be very sad to realize that our cats are getting older and are not immortal.  It is at this stage that we must start to take action, double our efforts, and give our cats the best years of their life.

As diseases can become more prevalent at this age, such as arthritis and many digestion issues, it is important to think about giving our seniors cats highly digestible food, as well as any supplements that will help them stay young and agile.

It is important during this time of transition to make sure that you keep your cat active.  Try playing with them, running a string across the floor, using any toys that they have liked as a kitten.  Playtime won’t be as vigorous or as long, but even one good play session per day will help to keep your cat’s joints lubricated and not as stiff as a cat who gets no playtime.

Dental hygiene is just as important now as ever.  Older cats will need their teeth to chew their food and to keep them healthy.  As we know, bad teeth can be a sign of heart disease and we do not want to complicate matters more with an older cat having bad teeth.  You can clean their teeth with a cat toothbrush or take them to your vet and make sure that they get a thorough cleaning.

For more information on keeping our little cats as young as possible, here is a great article, along with some products that are great for senior cats.



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