Fixing Aggressive Behavior Issues

Many of us have adopted dogs and were not sure of their temperament, nor their behavior health.  Many times we need to work diligently to help remove the undesirable behavior and instill our desired behavior.

One thing that needs mentioning is that changing undesirable behavior, can be a daunting task and can take anywhere from hours to days, to even months.  Please do not give up on your new best friend.  They are probably scared, confused and desperately wanting to please you but aren’t sure what you are asking for.  Patience and some good treats can work wonders for teaching good behavior.

When retraining your dog, it is always good to use common sense and take a step back and figure out why your dog is acting a certain way.  If your dog is growling or snapping, they are putting you on notice that they are at their limit for what they can tolerate.  By punishing them for doing so, you are essentially telling your dog not to perform instinctual behavior and behavior that can help you to determine when to back off, thus confusing the dog.  Yes, your dog needs to learn that they cannot go off the deep end and bite you or maul you, but when they warn you in this way, that is how they are communicating with you.

This website is wonderful and has great information to teach your dog how to respond to you and how to display more desired behavior.  If your dog is aggressive, this will help to show them they are good dogs who just need a little help from being confused and not trained properly.


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