Pets Passing Diseases to Humans

Yes you read the title correctly.  All of us who have pets, can get diseases from our furbabies.  One way to protect ourselves is to wash our hands after handling litter box issues, or vomit.  Also, keep your pets vaccinated.

If your cat scratches you, you are at risk of getting Cat Scratch Fever.  Make sure as soon as you can, you clean and disinfect the cut.

Do not worry too much about getting most diseases, as long as your pet is vaccinated against diseases like rabies, they usually get vaccinated for diseases that are common to your area.  Although the incidence of rabies is not that high, we must still be diligent and ensure our pets are on a regular vaccination schedule.  There are people who do not believe in vaccinations and that is fine, but if you are a vaccinating pet parent, please keep on schedule with them.

There is a wealth of information in this article about diseases that can be transmitted from pet to human.  Hopefully it will help in determining the best cause of action in keeping your family (pets and humans) safe from diseases and grow to be healthy and happy senior pets.



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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I also read the article you linked to. Very interesting and helpful. I never knew there was so many things you could catch from your pet!

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