Finding Your Lost Dog

Sometimes dogs get away from us, whether it is from a long walk off their leash and something catches their attention, or they get free from you after running in the yard, dogs will sometimes dart away, and if they are not fully up on recall training (ensuring your dog will come back to you when you call them, regardless of what is going on around them), they will get loose.

At this point, some people will panic, but the first few moments are crucial.  Take deep breaths and try to not let the fact that your dog darted from you, anger you, or worry you.  I know this is not easy, but it is something that is important.

Start to think of all the places your dog could run to and where they may hide.  Do they have a neighborhood dog that they like to play with?  So they like to run somewhere that has lots of people or kids? (If they like kids or people).

Go inside and grab a picture of your dog, and some of their favorite treats.  Make sure that you have a good full body and face picture so that people get a good sense of what your dog looks like.

Ask everyone you see, and make sure to ask people to keep a look out for your dog.

Take a flashlight if it gets darker to look in all the corners, sewer drains, etc., to ensure your dog is not there.

Have someone stay at your house in case your dog returns there and will be able to be let in the house immediately.

If time passes, make up lost dog signs and post them around your neighborhood or at grocery store bulletin boards, store boards, online, at shelters and anywhere else you can think of.

Call local shelters and let them know your dog is missing and if you can, e-mail them a picture and a message about your dog so that they can put out the information with their contacts.

Also, Facebook and other social sites can help in finding your dog, just search for lost dog pages or your local shelter page and post your info and a picture of the dog on their page.

For more in depth information on how to find your dog if it goes missing, here is an article that tells you what you need to know.

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