Keeping Your Cat Cool In The Heat

With the warmer weather here and sure to rise, we worry about whether our kitties are cool enough or are they overheating.  There are many ways to help our kitties beat the heat, but one I want to stress on more than others.

This weekend, my husband and I were out shopping.  In a car parked beside us, we saw a kitten on the back seat, kind of breathing heavier than usual.  It was quite warm outside (about 85F).  I can only imagine in the car with ALL the windows rolled up, it must have been about 110+F.

I started to get upset, I couldn’t stand seeing the kitten in the car, windows up, not running the a/c, and who knows how long the kitten was in there or how long they would last without some air or water, or what have you.

I waited outside the car for what felt like an eternity but was only 10 minutes.  The owners came out and I asked them if they knew that leaving a cat in the car without air can actually make the animal very ill and possibly kill them.  The people said they weren’t in the store for very long and opened the door to their car.  I said to them to just watch how their kitten was breathing, that it needed water and something to help cool the kitten down.

Of course they didn’t seem to pleased with me, but I was not very pleased with them.  I took down the license plate and am debating calling animal control.  That is no way to treat an animal, something that is living and breathing and relies on a human to care for it.

The point of all this is NEVER EVER leave your cat/dog/bird/reptile/rabbit/any living thing in the car on a hot day with the windows up and no A/C.  It can kill them.

This article has more informative ways to care for your kitty and make sure they are nice and cool this summer season.  The tips also apply to dogs.

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Just a furmom taking care of "less" adoptables-a dog and cat that are black, always adopting and not shopping. Love many activities,my oscar fish, animals, shopping, friends, family, life, my husband and of course my fur babies.

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  1. Great post! I was in a similar situation with two dogs in a parking lot last summer. We ended up alerting the police who came and broke the dogs out (it had been over an hour by the time they got there). We stuck around just long enough to make sure they got some water and then left. The owners still hadn’t come out.

    • That’s just awful, I am sorry you had to witness that. At least the police came and they got some water. Thank you for your comment and for having such a kind heart. 🙂

      • If only we could save them all, eh?!

      • Yes if only! So many people have the attitude that they shouldn’t get involved (many people have told me I should have just kept my mouth shut). I just can’t imagine standing by and allowing something horrible to happen. If only more people would get involved and educate themselves (people in general), maybe these kinds of things wouldn’t happen as often.

      • I agree. I do think there are boundaries when it comes to people and their pets, but if a pet is in danger I will always say something. Or force my husband to, haha.

      • Definitely agree, I am the same way with my husband, if I don’t speak up, I know he will.

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