Deterring Digging (Dogs)

Since it is that time of year when our yards are shaping up, getting green and the garden is starting to be in full bloom, our dogs may be starting that bad habit.  You know the one, our yards are looking perfect except for that one hole over there, and another over there, and still another over there.  It looks like a groundhog has occupied your yard!

Then we realize that it is our dogs that are digging the holes.  But why?  And how can we stop them from doing it?

Dogs dig for various reasons.  If you see a couple larger holes in the shade or under a tree, it is usually because your dog is hot and trying to cool off or they are trying to get away from the bat weather that can arise.

Dogs that dig holes all over the yard, which is usually the most popular hole digging, usually do this because they are bored and have extra energy to get rid of.

Dogs that dig along your fence line are digging because they want to escape the yard or they can be fearful of something outside of the yard.  They may also dig in this pattern if they are rodent chasers (usually terrier breeds).

How do we stop this?

If your dog is digging out of boredom or extra energy, take them for more walks, hikes, play with them,take them to the beach for a swim, stimulate them with toys, or playing fetch or give them a task to do, such as teaching them a new trick.  Also, you can sometimes put a weighted doggie back pack on them so that when you take them for a walk, they have to work a little harder.  Make sure to discuss this with your vet first before using a weighted doggie back pack.  DO NOT try this without consulting them first.

If your dog digs by your fence line, make sure your fence is strong enough so that they cannot escape.  Also, you can set up a sprinkler where they dig and when they try to dig, turn it on so that they get sprayed with water.  Usually after a few times they will stop.  Make sure you do this out of their line of sight so that they don’t associate you with the spraying.

If your dog is digging to get away from weather, giving them an insulated dog house is good, or keep them inside with you when weather isn’t good is your best bet.

Always make sure to figure out why your dog is doing what she/he is doing and work with them to fix the problem.  Not doing so can make the issue a larger one and it can get out of control.  This article explains what to do to help deter digging and to make your dog a happy, tired dog always.


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  1. Bella: DiDi needs this. She loves to dig.

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