Cats and Peppermint?!?

Just last night I was chewing some peppermint gum, when Isis came up and jumped right on my lap, ninja style and started to poke her head around in front of my mouth, almost as if to say “Whatcha got in there?!?”  She kept it up until the peppermint smell diminished significantly and then she promptly jumped down and chased a moth that had found its way into the house.

This made me wonder if this is normal and how normal it is. Which lead me to Google.

At this point I read article after article and found many uses for this great smelling stuff.  Just know that you can use Peppermint EXTRACT, NOT Peppermint Oil.  Oil can be harsh on cats.  Peppermint is in the same plant family as catnip so this was starting to make more and more sense to me.

For a multi-cat household, you can rub all your cats with a small amount of extract after one cat has gone to the vet and this will lessen the stigma for that cat when brought back home to their buddies smelling of peppermint.

If your cat needs a bath because they are smelly, using extract instead of bathing them can help get rid of those smelly odors.  It is great to use in the winter months so that your kitty doesn’t get cold and wet when it is cold and wet outside.

Just do not use this for a long period of time as most extracts are made with alcohol.

For more information on cats and peppermint, you can read up about it in this article.  It seemed to have been cut off a bit, but you will get the idea.



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  1. Hehehe, I discovered this almost the same way. Except my cat gave me the “you will pay for this” look when he smelled it and tore off. Poor Odin.

  2. Moosh LOVES it. After we brush our teeth, we blow “fresh breath” in his face and he is just in HEAVEN.

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