Most Common Cat Ailments

If your cat is acting off, many can be suffering from some of the following ailments.  Of course, if you are at all worried about your cat, a trip to the vet would be in order.  Many times the vet can reassure you to let you know that your cat is all right and just needs a bit of medication to become all better.

If your cat is showing signs of lethargy, dull coat, weakness and vomiting, these can be symptoms of hyperthyroidism.  It can be treated with medication and your cat can go on and live a long and healthy life with treatment.  This disease usually affects senior cats.

If your cat is scratching, has pimples, inflammation, hair loss, this can usually mean food allergies, flea allergies, or sometimes ringworm and all are treatable if you take your cat to the vet, get some tests and medication, or ointment can help.

As well, having your cat on pet insurance BEFORE these ailments rear their ugly heads can help to cut down the costs considerably.

Here is the article I found this information in, and you can find out more common ailments and how they can be treated by your vet.



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