Daily Archives: July 4, 2012

Oh Where Oh Where Can She Be? – Top 10 Kitty Hiding Spots

We’ve all been there before, you go to sit down and wonder where your cat is?  Maybe you hear a soft meow coming from your favorite chair and wonder if she/he is under it or actually hiding IN it.  What in the world are our cats thinking?

There are so many places that our cats end up and we wonder how they managed to do it.  I once found Isis curled up in a little ball inside our lazy susan, inside a bowl that was about 10 sizes too small for her.  How she contorted her body to get in there, I will never know.

Where else to cats hide?  Sometimes it’s not so funny, but cats will crawl up into or lay on a car’s engine for the heat.   It is devastating when the end results happen, so we need to be careful in the winter time if we see outdoor kitties, or stray/feral cats around, looking for heat sources.

Cats are notorious for finding places to hide that they shouldn’t be.  Another place cats will hide is inside your luggage when they see you packing for a trip, whether it’s for fun or for work, cats don’t realize which is which and some will get fearful that you are leaving for good.  Sometimes pulling out your luggage from time to time before a trip and NOT leaving, will calm a cat down.  Also spraying it with Feliway spray can make a cat realize that it’s not something so terrible to hide in or from.

If you would like more information on where cats like to hide and where to watch out for them, this article explains it all.  I am sure we can all come up with more spots our cats like to hide, but this is a good starting list.


Where does your cat like it hide?