Daily Archives: July 7, 2012

Weekly Trick – Cat vs. Dog Tricks

This week I thought I .would share a very sweet and cute video of Kaiser the Bengal cat and Nana the Border Collie dog performing tricks in a contest against each other to see who could look the cutest and do the best tricks!

Trick #1 in the video is Beg/Sit Pretty – Both did such a great job, I also love that their pet parent put captions into the video of what Kaiser and Nana were thinking.

Trick #2 Spin – Kaiser the cat did a great job, but Nana was very enthusiastic in her spinning.

Trick #3 Roll Over – Kaiser did an impressive job, but Nana again was extremely enthusiastic!

Trick #4 Skateboard – Both get onto the skateboard and push themselves off slightly.  That was a tough one!

Trick #5 Leg Weaving/Figure 8’s – Both do an enthusiastic and great job of weaving in and out of their pet parent’s legs.

Trick #6 Close The Door – Kaiser does a very graceful door close, while Nana closes the door with her nose.

If you would like to see the outcome of the video, plus many other great tricks performed in this contest, just click here!

Just goes to show you a little bit of positive reinforcement and clicker training can work wonders when teaching tricks to your furbabies!