Cheetahs and Dogs Together?

Unbelievably, yes dogs and cheetahs can go together and become best friends!

At the San Diego Safari Park, dogs are paired up with Cheetahs for comfort, friendship and to increase the Cheetahs confidence.  Surprisingly cheetahs are the “scaredy cats” of the large cat world.  The dogs pair with them and help to increase confidence and provide them with “friendship”.

A dog and cheetah have bonded so well, the cheetah occasionally grooms the dog and the dog just loves it!

The cheetahs play just as hard with the dogs as they would with their own kind.

The cheetahs love to purr and play and learn to run and socialize with dogs, as well as learn to be around humans, that they are okay.  The dogs help to alleviate the fear the cheetahs have about their surroundings and the people who give them their daily meals.

The dogs act as companions to their cheetah ambassador friends.  So far there are 5 pairings, with three dogs, so some of the dogs work with multiple cheetahs.

To watch the lovable pairings and see the cheetahs running at their top speed and playing with their dog companions, follow this link.


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  1. Oh there’s a puppy and Cheetah here at Busch Gardens that are buddies too…SO CUTE!!! By the way, don’t ever watch cheetah documentaries. Cheetahs are killed a lot, apparently, and this is not something I realized going into watching. Ended in a lot of tears.

    • Thanks for the heads up about the documentaries! I don’t think I could take watching that.

      That’s great they are at Busch Gardens. I would love to see that in person. I can just imagine how amazing they are to watch together.

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