Daily Archives: July 11, 2012

Indestructible Dog Toys

Do you have a dog that is a major chewer?  Do they destroy toys as soon as you buy them?  Do you spend tons of money on toys only to have them rip to shreds or get chewed apart completely in a matter of moments?  Well I think I may have a solution for you.

Sasha is one of those dogs.  Give her a toy and within 30 seconds, it will be ripped apart, pulled apart, chewed to pieces or popped and deflated.  It was costing us quite a bit of money to buy her any kind of toy.  She even chewed through the Kong toys that said they were for “strong chewers”.

We had just about given up getting her any sort of toy, when we stumbled across a toy called “unbreakoball”.  We laughed and both said they hadn’t met Sasha yet and she would break any old toy, especially a ball.  (After all, she had burst three balls already that were called “unbreakable”).

After searching the website, we figured we would try something, ANYTHING so that she could have a toy of her own that wouldn’t break.  We ordered the ball and waited for it to arrive.

Once the ball arrived, we took Sasha to the park to play.  We threw the ball and waited…and waited.  Sasha grabbed the ball and started to play with it and bite it.  I kind of half closed my eyes, expecting the ball to break.  It didn’t and it was actually standing up to the rough and tumble way that Sasha plays.

That was three months ago, and so far, the ball has a few scratches, but it is still in tact!  She loves it and loves to play hard with it.  I love that we can provide her with something sturdy and fun to play with that she just loves.  Sasha gives this toy two paws up!

Here is the website where the ball is located.  And here is the ball we bought. The ball says it is for dogs that are 65 lbs and up.  Sasha is 50 lbs., but needs a ball of this size so that she doesn’t break it.  Keep that in mind when you order.  Remember, buy a ball or a toy big enough so that your dog cannot get it in their back teeth.  If a toy gets into their back teeth, they are the strongest and the toy will get destroyed.