Naming Your Dog

So you just brought home a new furry friend and have no idea what to name her/him.  Should you name them something hip and trendy?  Name them after someone you know?  A common dog name like Max or Buddy?

Well the short answer is no.  Dogs need to have a name they will learn easily and one that suits them, as well as you because let’s face it, your dog’s name will be used quite a bit over the next 10-20 years.

Dogs should have a fairly easy name, one that is one to two syllables is best.  Also, picking a name that is trendy or something that will not be as interesting in a year or so is not useful (I once knew someone who named their dog Croc, after the shoe craze.  You know the crocs shoes?  Yeah the name got old and wasn’t good after a while, plus the dog was a Chihuahua so it didn’t really suit the dog).

Naming your dog can be tough, but figure out what their personality is like.  Are they sweet?  Protective?  Alert?  Names will suit their personalities if you find the right one.

The reason we chose the name Sasha was that in Russian, Sasha basically means “protector of man”.  This was very fitting because when we adopted her from the shelter, she was very protective of us, especially my husband.  She would stand right in front of him and made sure that no one bothered him.  She still does that to this day.  Not in a defensive way, but as a protecting, wanting to please way.

Think of where you will be with your dog.  If you go to a dog park and you want to call your dog, giving your dog a common name means that you could end up calling over several dogs with the same name.

Whatever name you choose, be sure it is something you can live with.  Be sure that it is short so that your dog can learn it and be sure it suits him/her.

For more information on naming your dog, click here.

Also, if you are stumped for names, here is a site with lists of names for dogs of all sorts!


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