Cats Sense Of Smell and Behavior

Cats have a strong sense of smell, but did you know that their sense of smell affects their behavior?

Knowing that sense of smell is important is only the first step, understanding it is even more important.

When you have two or more cats and one goes to the vet, do you notice a difference in how the cat is received by their brothers or sisters when they get back home?  Sometimes there is hissing, and can go as far as growling, fighting and well…the fur starts flying.  In other words, cats use their sense of smell when judging whether they like someone or something (like another cat that has been to the vet).

Also, when cats scratch something (such as the side of your bed) yes they can be sharpening their claws, but they are also leaving their scent around and marking what is theirs.

Perhaps the most interesting part of cats sense of smell is the Jacobson’s Organ, which is located in the roof of a cat’s mouth.  It consists of two fluid filled sacs that helps and their perception of pheromones.  It is also part of the process when cats do “flehmen” (when a cat opens their mouth to savor or smell a really important and strong scent in their nasal cavity).

This is all very interesting behaviors and if you would like to learn more, here is an article about smell and behavior.


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