Licking Around The Tail

For the longest time, I used to think the only reason a cat (or dog) would lick around or underneath their tail was because they had fleas.  Well apparently I was very wrong.

There are several reasons this can occur.  If you have a female cat or dog, this could mean that she has a uterine infection, or she could have a bout of vaginitis.  Getting your cat or dog to the vet quickly so that they can get relief from the itching and pain is essential.  As well, if cats are not spayed, they will lick themselves when they are in heat or when they are getting ready to give birth.

Of course, if your cat or dog does lick or bite around their tail, it can be a flea problem and getting flea medication from your vet is best.  This will help kill the fleas and give your pets the relief and less stress from having to constantly scratch, lick or bite what is attacking them.

Another issue could be Anal Gland Disease.  This is something that affects many cats and dogs.  Usually the glands will need to be expressed.  I would suggest going to the vet and having them show you how to express the glands, and if it is not a severe case, they may be able to tell you that you can do it at home.

If your cat or dog is licking around the tail, but shows no signs of distress, nor do they do it obsessively, then it could just be that your pet is performing regular grooming rituals.

It is a fine line as to when licking around the tail becomes an issue.  Just observe your pet and trust your instincts.  Also, you can read this article for more information.  On the left hand side of the page is a block called “FAQ Article Library”, where you can look up ailments and check out what your pet may have and whether you need to visit the vet.  On the safe side, it would be good to see your vet if you are worried about anything your pet may be suffering from.


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