The Dog Suited For Cat People?

If you have always had a cat in your life and have been wanting a dog, but aren’t sure which dog you want, or which one will suit you, there is a dog that seems to be very cat-like.

The Tibetan Spaniel has been thought of to be a great dog for someone who is used to cats and their personalities.  They are similar in size/weight (usually between 9-15 lbs), they are also lovely lap dogs and most love to go on high perches.

These dogs should not be aggressive at all, if they are, that is usually learned behavior from bad upbringing or from abuse.  They will defend themselves against other animals and can be pretty impressive standing up for themselves against larger breed dogs.

Since this breed of dog is small, they are well suited for smaller living quarters.  If you really want a dog and live in an apartment, this dog will do better in an apartment than say, a Great Dane dog.

This dog is very intelligent and bonds with their humans.  They can pick up on and react to your moods and emotions.

Of course, this does not mean that every dog of this breed is going to be this way.  Make sure to do your research before deciding to adopt this dog.  Make sure you can commit 12-15 years of your life to be a pet parent to this dog as that is their usual life span.

For more information about adopting this beautiful dog, here is a link to the Tibetan Spaniel Club Of America.



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