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Interesting Facts For Dog Lovers

Dogs are very interesting animals and play such an integral part of society today.  Many years ago, dogs were not tolerated well and were often thought of to be dumb animals without any ability to think.

In fact, their life experiences do shape how their brain operates and thinks.  When thinking, their brain works on 80% instinct and 20% by what they have learned in their lifetime.  Their world is shaped and their actions can sometimes be compared with the fight or flight idea.

As well, in the first 21 days of life, dogs have no mental capacity and can only respond to sleep, food and warmth.

Along the same lines, it is not best to use a dog’s intelligence as an indicator of how well they will learn when you are training them.  Some dogs that are very intelligent, while they may be the type of dog that is supposedly easy to train (such as Labradors), their own personality and if the dog is strong-willed, they will not be an easily trainable dog.  Trainers will have to key into the fact that dogs are sociable animals and crave their owners attention and will do many things to get it.  Time and patience are necessary, even more so, with dogs of this sort.

Dogs are pack animals, therefore since they are not with their own kind, if you only have one dog, you become a part of their pack.  Many times dogs need to know their place in your world and that they are part of a new “pack” (their human family).  Many dogs need reassurance of this and need to feel like they are part of the family pack.  This can be achieved by training them, having them “work” (learning tricks) and showing them the love and attention they need.

This article explains more interesting facts about dogs and gives anecdotes and ideas behind each fact.