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Allergies To Cats: What You Can Do

You probably know someone, or you yourself get those symptoms: Itchy, runny nose, red eyes, sore throat, sneezing, wheezing, the whole nine yards.  Some of us have friends who cannot visit because of their allergies, and we try to get rid of the issues causing the allergies, pet dander.  There are steps to take to help our friends with these allergies, but they are not always fail safe.

Some people will take allergy medications (Claritin or Allegra are the over the counter ones that seem to work best for some), others refuse to visit because of the allergy flare ups.  There are some things you can do to help those with allergies and possibly have allergic friends over to visit.

Cleaning up and vacuuming the home often helps to reduce pet dander.  You can use a vacuum that will help to get rid of the dander (no vacuum can get rid of it 100%, but some work better than others).  Bissell, Hoover and Dyson tend to make vacuums that work well for pet dander.

There are pet wipes that will help to pick up the dander on your cat, you can use them while petting your cat, or during play time, depending on how mellow your cat can be at any certain time of the day.

You can also install a HEPA air cleaner.

For more ideas and ways to help those with allergies, and if you have them as well, this article will give you more ideas.