Laser Toys For Cats – What’s The Harm?

Well there is and isn’t harm, depending on the toys you have to augment the use of the laser toy.

A laser toy can be a wonderful toy to get cats “riled” up and get them into “hunting mode”.  When having playtime daily with your cat, this toy can keep your cat’s attention for some time, but here is where the “harm” can come in.

Your cat does not get the satisfaction of being able to “catch” their prey and play with it.  We have seen cats outside when they hunt and stalk their prey, when they finally catch it, it seems more like a game and a toy to play with until they finally kill it.

This is when it is a good time to change toys with your cat and give them something tangible.  One toy that I have talked about and love to use with Isis, is Da Bird.  It is a feather toy on a string, on a rod and it mimics birds movements when it is waved around the room.  This will satisfy the need to catch the prey and have something to play with.

Using a laser toy is a good thing and gets a cat mobile and active, which helps to keep their weight under control.  It gets them riled up to play, and it can be fun to watch them chase it around the room.  Laser toys are still good toys to have, don’t get rid of them, just make sure there is another toy to augment it.

A final point, when using a laser toy with a cat or any animal, do not point it and shine it in their eyes.  It can damage their eyes and their eyesight.  Please use caution when playing with these toys with your cat.

This article explains more information on laser toys and your cat.



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