Myths About Fleas and Ticks

There are so many things written about fleas and ticks and at times, it is hard to know what’s right and what’s not.  Many of the myths I have read from this article, were surprising and I had thought they were actually true.

The first myth I thought was true: Cold weather kills fleas and ticks.  That is NOT true and I was positive it was true.  In fact, the fall/winter is peak time for deer ticks.  Within the article, they give you information on how to treat your yard, as well as your pet, to ensure that they are protected from fleas and ticks.  Remember, nothing is ever able to give 100% protection, but using something and getting a good amount of protection is better than nothing.

The second myth I had thought was true is: once fleas are no longer visible, treatment is no longer necessary.  You still need to treat and be preventative because once there has been an infestation, it is more common to have another infestation.

There are many myths when it comes to fleas and ticks.  This article breaks them down and even gives tips and links to help prevent and take care of current infestations.


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