The Pain Scale

We all know when we bring our fur babies to the vet and there is something wrong, our pets let us know, but how do we know what degree of pain they are in?

The pain scale roughly gages the amount of pain your pet is in, while also taking into consideration body temperature, pulse and respiration.

The pain goes from zero (your dog is wagging his/her tail, you can touch them without a reaction) to Grade four (vocalizing, becomes stiff, cannot move).

If you believe your pet is in pain, but is unable to react to the pain (or is prideful as many pets are), it is best to call the vet and discuss the issue over the phone and then get in to see an emergency vet immediately.  When dealing with pain, it is best to have it dealt with immediately, so that your pet does not suffer.

It is probably important to know that if your pet has a Grade two measurement on the pain scale, your vet will discuss the options open to you as far as treatment.  If your pet scores a three on the pain scale, medication is issued immediately.

For more information on the pain scale, and to know what all the grades are, here is the information.


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