Cats and Warmth – Go Hand in Hand

As the winter months are upon us, you may notice your cat trying to snuggle up closer in bed with you at night, or trying to catch as much of the sun rays as possible, before the sun sets earlier and earlier.  Cats and warmth go hand in hand and this is especially noticeable when the winter hits us.

Cats like height, and you may find them snoozing on the top of a bookcase or in the window perch, this is usually because it’s away from predators, usually no one will bother them, and most of all, it’s because they are usually the warmest spots in the house.  Cats, even as kittens seek out heat.  As babies, they rely on heat from their mother and as they get older they seek it out and are very keen on temperature, due to the heat receptors on their face.

As cats age, they may not be able to regulate their heat and temperature easily.  This is when a Heated Cat Cup can come in handy.  Older cats will need the heat to help keep them healthy and keep their muscles and joints from getting too painful.  These are great for cats who have arthritis, as it helps them to not get cramped as much and keeps them younger and agile.

For more information on cats and heat, and keeping your cats warm this season, this article explains it all.


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