Product Review – Thermo Kitty Mat

The new Saturday column will be product reviews of things I have bought and use with Sasha and Isis.  I will be as honest and detailed as possible.  I am NOT getting paid or any free products from any company that I review their products.

Considering that winter is right around the corner and the cold weather is just easing its way in, I decided to purchase a thermo mat (heated mat) for Isis, since she gets cold easily and loves to find the warm spots all over the house.

I searched my favorite website (, where your first order is 15% off, and free 2 day delivery with orders over $49), and found the K&H Thermo Kitty Mat.  It 12.5 x 25 inches, so it’s a great size for even big kitties!  It is about a half inch thick and has a dual thermostat which is burried within the foam.  It heats up to about 12-15 degrees above ambient temperature and then adapts to your cat’s body temperature.

Now, Isis is not a fan of new things, so we kind of had to trick her to get her to use it.  So we placed  the mat underneath the covering on her window perch.  We sprayed it with Feliway spray and within a day, she was sleeping on it for hours at a time.  It doesn’t get that warm to the touch and it is fine to use without the perch if your cat doesn’t mind sleeping on a mat.  I would suggest placing the mat somewhere up high in your home, or on the bed, if you allow your cat to sleep on your bed.  Most cats prefer higher places.

The product comes in two colors: mocha and sage.  The price ranges from $37.09-$39.99.

Final verdict: I love this mat, and would recommend it to anyone whose cat needs a little extra heat for the winter.  Also, older cats would benefit because the heat will help with joints and if they have arthritis, the heat will most likely help your cat feel better and move easier.  Isis has a new favorite thing and the K&H Thermo Kitty Mat is it.  It is well made, seems it will last a long time and the price is very reasonable.  If it will help her once she gets older with her joints and if she gets arthritis, I consider this a great investment.  Highly recommended.

Thermo Kitty Mat: Indoor Heated Cat Mat


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