Product Review – Kong Extreme Kong

If you have a dog that loves interactive, treat-filled toys, the Kong may be right for your dog, but with reservation.

Sasha loves toys that have treats in them, she goes nuts for them.  Sasha is also a chewer.  She has calmed down considerably from when we first adopted her over a year ago, but she still has her moments.

The Kong Extreme is another toy in the Kong toy line that promises it is virtually indestructible.  You can put a treat inside and your dog can figure out how to get it out, thus making the dog think, and play at the same time.

For Sasha, we bought both the large and king sizes just to make sure she would have something that wouldn’t destruct in a matter of seconds.  (We won’t discuss how it took her  30 seconds to rip apart a plush toy she received as a present…ahem, anyway!) We placed a Bully Stick that was thick enough to fill the hole at the bottom of the Kong.

We gave her the treat and watched her carefully.  We tried the large size Kong first.  It seemed all right for about two minutes and then it happened, she chewed on the Kong for a very short time and it started to come apart.

The next day, we tried the king size Kong.  Same type treat inside it, gave it to Sasha and watched her.  For about ten minutes, all went well.  Then it happened again.  The Kong was chewed on (and not much, just softer mouthing and not back teeth chewing, which usually is the more aggressive type chewing) and it started to come apart.  Talk about frustration.

The Kong would be a wonderful toy for dogs that are older, and ones that aren’t so…mouthy or that love to chew.  Sasha had them wrecked within minutes and that’s a bit too quick and too expensive for us.

Final verdict: Overall, I cannot recommend this toy for people who have dogs that love to chew.  Sasha loved it, but we didn’t want to chance her eating the pieces of rubber that were coming off the Kong.   Right now on Wag, the Kongs are on sale they range in price from $5.99 – $20.99.  If your dog is not a chewer and likes toys with treats in them, this might be a perfect match.


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