Overweight Cats (Or Pets In General)

Obesity doesn’t just affect us humans, our furry friends can also be affected.  This article that my vet shared with me is very useful and helpful in fighting those extra pounds that our pets may have:

Rather than provide wholesome nutrition in the form of species appropriate, meat-based food, the pet food industry continues to load our pets up with genetically modified corn and soy grown in depleted, toxic soil; massive amounts of fiber; and artificial enhancers (colorings, flavorings, texturizers, the list goes on and on!). Pet food always has been and remains a product of human food processing leftovers. Given what most people eat these days, this is NOT a good thing!

So…of course our pets are fat! They are starving to death on their “complete and balanced” food. When junk food is left out all the time, our pets will continue to eat, desperately searching for the fundamental nutrients that just aren’t there. Pet food companies know how to make foods that will keep our pets alive in some semblance of “normal” — but their normal is nothing like the optimal health our pets can have if they’re fed real, honest-to-goodness FOOD!

I was walking with a friend this afternoon, and we were talking about health in general, and how for us, exercise, sleep, and good nutrition are the three legs of the stool upon which our whole lives are built. This certainly goes for our pets, too. When will we wake up and see what has been done–to us and to our pets–by Big Agribusiness, Big Pharma, and all the rest that are out for their own gain, at our expense.

If you want to make a stand against the big-money interests and for our pets, please join us at Pet Parents Action Group, an international advocacy group that is educating people about the dangers of over-vaccination and commercial pet food. There is power in knowledge, and in numbers! Do this for your pet and for yourself!

For more information on nutrition, please browse our Nutrition Category. And definitely read our article on Vaccination before you let your veterinarian give your pet another shot!

For another view of this topic, please read this article.

Source: littlebigcat.com

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