Fears And Cats – Fear or Anxiety

Many cats get scared of things we may not understand (Isis has an insane fear of lint balled up from the dryer), they will run and hide.  But if your cat runs and hides for the whole day and doesn’t want to come out at all, does this teeter into anxiety territory?

Fear is something that makes a cat want to leave the situation, hide and possibly act aggressive before running off.  With anxiety, it can make a cat become stressed out and show aggressive behavior, causing them to avoid situations or things all the time (such as a glass breaking on a linoleum floor, the cat will not walk on a linoleum floor ever again).

If your cat tends to react like scenario 2, anxiety is probably the issue and it may be time to look at therapy for your cat.  It is NOT the time to try to perform your own therapy by showing the cat the issue or situation again and telling them “see it won’t hurt you”, this will just cause more unneeded stress and could make the cat lash out or worse, have them hide indefinitely.

It is also not time to punish your cat for being scared and anxiety – ridden over something that may very well be a rational fear.

The ASPCA wrote an amazing article on how to work with your cat through their fears and anxiety, you can read it here.


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