Product Review – Petmate 3 Knot Rope Tug

Does your dog love to play tug-o-war?  Do they have more energy than you know what to do with?  The Petmate 3 Knot Rope Tug might be the toy your dog will love.

Sasha is a tug-o-war fanatic.  If we could play all day, every day, she would be in doggie heaven.  Pulling and tugging and growling in a very funny way is fun for her so we tried to oblige.  We first started tying up old rags and towels, but those ended up being destroyed quickly.  Finally we found this toy and it seems to be a hit,

It is a simple concept, cotton fiber ropes tied in knots of various sizes and lengths that seem to be strong and provide hours of fun for her.  The only thing is, we only play tug-o-war with them and let her play with it for only a few minutes after we are done, otherwise she would have the toy chewed in half in no time.  She is a chewer, therefore we need to watch when she plays with this to make sure she doesn’t swallow the cotton fibers.  This is something to consider when buying this toy for your dog.

Final verdict: If your dog loves to tug, this might be a great toy for them.  So far, the toy has lasted Sasha over two months, and when we whip it out to play with her, she goes nuts and spends lots of energy and time on it.  This also means she has a nice LONG nap after playing, which is good to give us some quiet time.  Just watch to make sure none of the cotton fibers end up being swallowed.  The toy is available on and comes in various sizes for various size dogs.  Make sure to get a rope size big enough so that your dog cannot get the rope or the knotted portions in their back teeth, otherwise they can chew the toy in half and then the toy is no longer useful.  Definitely recommend this toy for tugging dogs!


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