Product Review – Thundershirt

Thundershirt is a product for dogs that promises much and delivers even more.  It is a shirt for dogs that is used to help an overexcited or anxiety ridden dog.  It claims to help a dog who gets frightened of thunder storms separation anxiety, excessive barking, over anxious when guests come to visit, and an overall hyperactive dog that has not responded to any other treatment.

For us, Sasha had severe separation anxiety, was hyper active and used to shiver and shake and hide during thunder storms.  She used to whimper and whine and would pace, pant and bark and chew when we would leave her alone for any longer than 10 minutes.

Thundershirt comes in sizes xxsmall to xx large.  They should fit snugly, they are made of stretchy cotton material with velcro for keeping it on your dog.

I will say that this shirt has been a miracle.  Sasha does not get upset when we leave, during storms she stays calm (and has even fallen asleep, I am sharing pictures).  She does not whimper and whine anymore.  She hardly barks and she is an all round happier, playful dog.

If your dog is suffering, think about using this product.  If you are using it when there is a storm, try to put it on about a half hour before the storm starts.  It usually helps to keep it on for that amount of time.

Here is a video list that explains much better than I can about what the Thundershirt does.  They even released a Thundershirt for cats.

Final Verdict: If your dog has anxiety of any kind and needs something to help them, rather than put them on medication, try this product.  It is wonderful and I can’t imagine not having this and using it.  It is for sale on .  Try it and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Sasha before the storm, feeling anxious, then Sasha during the storm.  It was thundering like crazy and she was sound asleep:



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