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Product Review – Thundershirt

Thundershirt is a product for dogs that promises much and delivers even more.  It is a shirt for dogs that is used to help an overexcited or anxiety ridden dog.  It claims to help a dog who gets frightened of thunder storms separation anxiety, excessive barking, over anxious when guests come to visit, and an overall hyperactive dog that has not responded to any other treatment.

For us, Sasha had severe separation anxiety, was hyper active and used to shiver and shake and hide during thunder storms.  She used to whimper and whine and would pace, pant and bark and chew when we would leave her alone for any longer than 10 minutes.

Thundershirt comes in sizes xxsmall to xx large.  They should fit snugly, they are made of stretchy cotton material with velcro for keeping it on your dog.

I will say that this shirt has been a miracle.  Sasha does not get upset when we leave, during storms she stays calm (and has even fallen asleep, I am sharing pictures).  She does not whimper and whine anymore.  She hardly barks and she is an all round happier, playful dog.

If your dog is suffering, think about using this product.  If you are using it when there is a storm, try to put it on about a half hour before the storm starts.  It usually helps to keep it on for that amount of time.

Here is a video list that explains much better than I can about what the Thundershirt does.  They even released a Thundershirt for cats.

Final Verdict: If your dog has anxiety of any kind and needs something to help them, rather than put them on medication, try this product.  It is wonderful and I can’t imagine not having this and using it.  It is for sale on .  Try it and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Sasha before the storm, feeling anxious, then Sasha during the storm.  It was thundering like crazy and she was sound asleep:



Product Review – Omega Paw Mouse Pom Pom

The Omega Paw Mouse Pom Pom toy promises hours of fun for your cat with a pom pom ball on a spring and a carpet layer on the base that the cat can pounce on.  It claims that it will become your cat’s “favorite playmate”.

I bought this for Isis and set it down for her to play with.  It sat there for two days without being touched, just looked at and passed by for other toys.  I then put some catnip on it because that normally gets her interested in playing.  Even with that, she wouldn’t go near it.

Finally, about two weeks after I brought it into the house, she started to play with it.  It did not take long for her to kick the majority of the fuzz off the ball on the spring.  As for pouncing on the base carpet, that never happened.  She did try to chew and swallow the carpet though.  After her eating a bit of it and then throwing it back up, I took the toy away and threw it in the garbage.  Luckily the price was such that I didn’t mind wasting that money.

Final verdict: Do not buy this toy.  I think it was more of a health hazard for her than anything else.  She didn’t play with the toy unless I was playing with it and wiggling the spring.  Even then, she didn’t play with it for long, and it ended up losing most of the fuzz (this was after playing with it for maybe a half hour total).

I was very disappointed in this toy and I wrote to the company to tell them what happened and how Isis ate some of the carpeting and threw it back up.  I have yet to hear from them, and I will not get my hopes up that they will respond back.

If after all this you would still like to purchase this toy, it is on sale on

Steer clear of this toy!

Product Review – West Paw Design Hair Ball

When purchasing this toy, remember if you leave it on the floor, or at 3am, if you get up, you might find this toy and step on it, and scream, thinking you just stepped on a mouse.  Okay, maybe that was just me, but this toy definitely scared me several times when I would spy it out of the corner of my eye.

The West Paw Design Hair Ball is a small ball, with synthetic hair/fur on it, making it look like a long haired hamster.  The toy has organic catnip inside to attract the cat to get your cat to play with it.  It is similar to stuffed mice that seem to be very popular with many cats to pounce on and throw in the air, or kick with their back feet.

I bought two or Isis to play with and at first I let her smell the wonderful catnip aroma emanating from the belly of this strange looking toy.  She became mesmerized very quickly and once I threw it on the floor, it was game over for the hair ball.

Pouncing, chasing, and kicking of this toy ensued for several hours off and on.  The toy was batted across the floor and chased after and even I got involved and shook the toy on the floor and enjoyed some play time and interaction with Isis.

Even after one month of having this toy, it is still a favorite for Isis to play with.  Every other day she seems to have a pounce or two, then puts it in her mouth and walks around with it, like she just killed her prey.

The downside to this toy is the long hair/fur.  It can come off easily and for some cats, if they swallow it, it cannot be digested so they may have it come right back up.

Final verdict: If you can get past the way it looks, and the fact that sometimes the fur falls out, it is a great toy that your cat should enjoy thoroughly.  Hours upon hours of fun can be had by your cat, and you can get involved with this toy.  I did buy two and I took the second one and tied it to a stick and I will play with Isis by swinging the toy around and swishing it just overhead so that she has to jump and play that way.  It is for sale for a modest price on  I hope your cat enjoys it as much as Isis has.

Product Review – Richard’s Organics Deodorizing Shampoo

If you don’t take your dog to a groomer, or you are in between grooming appointments, and your dog needs to be clean, Richard’s Organics Deodorizing Shampoo may just be the answer you are looking for.

Sasha is a roller, a roller in all things that smell like death or feces.  The worse it smells, the happier she is to roll in it.

Just the other day we were outside playing in a field and she stopped dead in her tracks, sniffed the air, and dropped and rolled for a good ten minutes.  I usually can catch her before she does this, but this time she was just too fast.

I hadn’t had the chance to use the shampoo I bought, so I figured this was as good a time as any.  The fragrance was soft and pretty, and lasts quite a long time.  It lathered nicely, rinsed out well and made Sasha’s coat quite shiny.  My only complaint, and it is minor, is that it wasn’t very thick, so it seemed like I needed to use more than usual.

The ingredients are fairly decent: Purified Water, Coconut Oil Based Cleaners, Glycerin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Aloe Vera, Siliconized Zinc, Rosemary Extract, Lavender Oil, DMDM-Hydantoin, Tetrasodium EDTA.

Final verdict:  I would recommend purchasing this to have on hand for those times when you can’t get to your groomer, or if you groom your dog(s) on your own.  The smell is great and it lasts a long time (Sasha smelled good for almost a week).  It was a good emergency product to have around.  It is available on for a reasonable price.

Product Review – PetSafe Slimcat Treatholder Ball

If you want to keep your cat slim, yet give them something to do in order to get their treats, PetSafe Slimcat may be right for you.

The ball is made of durable plastic, with holes to add the treats into the ball.  Then roll the ball on the floor and watch your cat chase after it to get the treats out.  Your cat might grab it and roll it around on the floor, or they may get on their back and kick the treats out.  Either way this will provide your cat some mental stimulation and provide you hours of fun and laughter, watching the antics your cat will get into.

Chasing after this toy will help overweight cats to slim down.  For cats that are a healthy weight, having their treats in this ball will help keep them entertained and stimulated.  You can choose what types of treats to put in the ball.  I cooked up some chicken jerky, cutting the chicken into tiny, round pieces and then putting them in the ball when cooked. (Chicken jerky can be made by greasing a cookie sheet with olive oil, cutting up chicken into small bite size pieces, putting it in the oven at 200F, check after an hour, leave in oven until cooked, cool and then serve.  You can use this recipe for cats OR dogs).

Final verdict: I would recommend this toy, especially for those with overweight cats.  I recommend letting the cat sniff the ball and get interested in it, with treats already inside it, and then throwing it and letting them chase it around.  If your cat is into chasing objects, this should provide them some great play time.  Isis loves to chase things around, and she has loved this toy.  It is one of her favorites.  The chicken jerky is just an added touch that makes her even more excited for playtime.  I also sit there and throw it for her, interact with her, which helps to create a bond between pet and pet parent.  It is for sale for a very reasonable price on  I hope your cat enjoys it as much as mine does!

Product Review – World’s Best Cat Litter

Not a toy this week, but rather a review on the cat litter – World’s Best Cat Litter.  With a name like that, it better live up to it.

World’s Best is made from corn, a natural ingredient, so when kitty cleans herself, she is not ingesting chemicals or clay, which can cause a blockage in your cat’s intestines or stomach, and that can be fatal.

World’s best claims that a bag of their litter can last 3 months.  You can flush it down your toilet, as it does not clog toilets.  The litter breaks up as it hits the water and makes for easy flushing.

I use this litter and Isis seems to like it.  once I started using it I tried switching from it and that was a disaster.  Isis did not like using her litter box after I tried a different brand and wouldn’t clean herself after using the different cat litter.  World’s best just does what it is supposed to do and I don’t smell any odor even when Isis has just used the litter.  I usually buy the multicat bag, and it ends up lasting me about 5 months.  It may seem expensive for litter, but if you break it down by how many months it lasts, you are probably spending more on the litter you use now, than you would buying just one bag of this.  The upfront cost is worth it.

It comes in different formulas, multicat, scented and regular.  The scented one is a lavender scent and I don’t care for it.  It smells medicinal to me.

Final verdict: I highly recommend switching to this litter.  It is just amazing and I feel better having Isis use a natural litter and knowing that there are no chemicals in the litter.  If you do switch, do it gradually.  Put a bit in at a time with your old litter, until World’s Best is the only litter in your cat’s litter box. has it for sale, and you get 15% off your first order with them.

Product Review – Petmate 3 Knot Rope Tug

Does your dog love to play tug-o-war?  Do they have more energy than you know what to do with?  The Petmate 3 Knot Rope Tug might be the toy your dog will love.

Sasha is a tug-o-war fanatic.  If we could play all day, every day, she would be in doggie heaven.  Pulling and tugging and growling in a very funny way is fun for her so we tried to oblige.  We first started tying up old rags and towels, but those ended up being destroyed quickly.  Finally we found this toy and it seems to be a hit,

It is a simple concept, cotton fiber ropes tied in knots of various sizes and lengths that seem to be strong and provide hours of fun for her.  The only thing is, we only play tug-o-war with them and let her play with it for only a few minutes after we are done, otherwise she would have the toy chewed in half in no time.  She is a chewer, therefore we need to watch when she plays with this to make sure she doesn’t swallow the cotton fibers.  This is something to consider when buying this toy for your dog.

Final verdict: If your dog loves to tug, this might be a great toy for them.  So far, the toy has lasted Sasha over two months, and when we whip it out to play with her, she goes nuts and spends lots of energy and time on it.  This also means she has a nice LONG nap after playing, which is good to give us some quiet time.  Just watch to make sure none of the cotton fibers end up being swallowed.  The toy is available on and comes in various sizes for various size dogs.  Make sure to get a rope size big enough so that your dog cannot get the rope or the knotted portions in their back teeth, otherwise they can chew the toy in half and then the toy is no longer useful.  Definitely recommend this toy for tugging dogs!


Product Review – Catit Senses Massage Center

The Catit Senses Massage Center is an interactive toy for cats that includes a brush type mounted on the side so that cats can rub their faces along it, or their body.  If your cat is stressed, wants a gum massage, or a ripple massage, this might be a great toy.  If your cat is into that sort of thing.

Many cats are picky, Isis being one of them.  She looked at the toy and hissed at it for a while, and walked widely around the toy, sizing it up, not really sure what to think.

I sprayed some feliway spray, as well as put some catnip on it and rubbed my fingers along the bristles to see if Isis would come and enjoy the wonderful, relaxing, stress free massage.  No such luck.

For weeks it sat there, not being touched by anything but my hands, begging and pleading for Isis to just try to relax and enjoy her new massage center.

So far, Isis has used the toy twice.  Once was when she was feeling particularly in a sweet mood, she rubbed her face along the bristles and I think she surprised herself at how it was kind of a bit too rough for her.  She ate the catnip off the massage center.  The second time she used the gum massage for about 30 seconds.

Final verdict: If your cat likes massage type toys, or likes to rub up against things often, this is probably great for them.  For Isis, it was not.  I donated the toy to our local shelter.  Hopefully the cats there can use it and enjoy it.  I am sure Isis was happy to see the strange alien object go.  I would not recommend it unless you know for sure your cat would like a massage type toy.  It is for sale on

Product Review – Go! Cat Go! Wing It!

This is one crazy toy that is sure to please your kitty and offer hours of fun, interactive playtime with your kitty.

The toy Go! Cat Go! Wing It! is a ball with a stuffed toy bird inside that looks like it is kind of flapping around when you throw it.  That attracts your cat’s attention and the rolling will get your cat to play, bat at and possibly get on their back and kick at it.  Your cat may even try to bite it.  There may be some hissing as well (at least Isis did that a few times when she first saw the ball, but don’t despair, she got right into playing with it after her hissy fit, and I am sure your cat will too!)

The toy seems quite durable, made of plastic and has withstood biting and chewing and batting and being hidden under the couch and bed several times.  It even withstood almost being sucked up the vacuum.

Final verdict: I recommend this toy if your cat likes to chase and bat at things.  If your cat likes to play or if you have a small kitten that has endless energy, this may be a great toy to help expel some of that energy.  For even more added fun and to get Isis to play with the toy and not hiss at it, I marinated it in a bag of organic catnip for 24 hours and really rubbed the catnip into the stuffed bird.  This seemed to enhance the intensity of the playing, and jumping, and biting and all round fun she had with this toy.  The price is right as well.  Find it on and order it for your cat today!

Product Review – KONG Extreme KONG Flyer

Do you have a dog that likes to chew up their toys?  Do you have a dog that catches a Frisbee and then keeps it and chews it to pieces instead of bringing it back to you?  This Frisbee may be your answer.

KONG makes many Frisbees, but this one is made especially for dogs that are aggressive chewers, who might destroy most other Frisbees.

This is a soft, yet durable Frisbee, black in color, and seemingly flys faster and further than other Frisbees that I have used.  It is great for taking your dog and exercising them when they have a little extra energy that you are trying to get out of them.  Make sure your dog knows the fetch and bring commands before using this.

Sasha is an aggressive chewer.  So far, there are minor tooth marks in the lip of the Frisbee, and a small tear, but it is still very usable and durable.  It also stands up to the cold weather.  I prefer the softer Frisbee than the harder one as it is easier on your dog’s mouth and in the cold, it does not crack.

Final verdict: This is a purchase with caution.  If your dog is an aggressive chewer, know that it will not stay pristine for the duration that you use the toy.  We have had ours for over two months and just recently there are marks on it.  It is for sale on and for a limited time, it is on sale.  Try it out and hopefully your dog will love it!


KONG® Extreme Flyer