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What Do Different Dog Barks Mean?

If you have a dog, we all have heard them bark from time to time.  Sometimes it is a long and loud incessant bark, other times a short, staccato type bark, and other times it is a longing low bark.  Do you know what each one means?

Dogs bark for various reasons, sometimes it’s because they are bored, other times they have been left outside alone for too long and want to be back in with their “pack” (or people).  Dogs are pack animals, they like the company of others for the most part.

Dogs sometimes bark because there is a stranger invading their territory (usually a lot of loud short barks and sometimes a showing of the teeth or growling).  Usually if it is a person invading the territory, they will back off lest they may be attacked.

A dog will also bark when they want to play.  Usually Sasha will bark more high pitched and short barks.  This also leads to her going down into a submissive bow and then she’s ready to go play!

Some people will train a dog to bark to signal when they need to go out to and do their business.

After a while, once you have had your dog for a while, you will figure out what their bark means.  Almost like when a child cries, you quickly will know and understand what your child is crying for.

In the mean time, here is an interactive quiz from NOVA to see if you understand what each bark means.  If you click on the link that says “LAUNCH INTERACTIVE” (right beside the picture of the dog growling), you can listen to the bark and then choose which bark you think it means.  Have fun and learn at the same time!