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Cats Just For Fun

After all the dog food recall posts, I thought it would be nice to have something lighter to read for this post.

How much do you know about certain cat breeds?  Interested in taking quizzes to test your knowledge about Persians, Siamese or the Sphinx?  Are you looking to find out about the more in depth history of cats, war time cats, and how they became domesticated?

I found this website with all the information, quizzes, facts and even t-shirts to buy for the cat lovers out there.  Yes the website is labeled as a “kids corner” website, but I learned quite a bit about cats that I never knew about.

The great thing about the website is that if you have kids, they can check out the information and try their luck at the quizzes as it is a family friendly site.

Your cat(s) will be thankful that you’re learning how to care for them and what makes them tick.  After all, they are the “masters” of the house! 😉