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Product Review – Catit Senses Massage Center

The Catit Senses Massage Center is an interactive toy for cats that includes a brush type mounted on the side so that cats can rub their faces along it, or their body.  If your cat is stressed, wants a gum massage, or a ripple massage, this might be a great toy.  If your cat is into that sort of thing.

Many cats are picky, Isis being one of them.  She looked at the toy and hissed at it for a while, and walked widely around the toy, sizing it up, not really sure what to think.

I sprayed some feliway spray, as well as put some catnip on it and rubbed my fingers along the bristles to see if Isis would come and enjoy the wonderful, relaxing, stress free massage.  No such luck.

For weeks it sat there, not being touched by anything but my hands, begging and pleading for Isis to just try to relax and enjoy her new massage center.

So far, Isis has used the toy twice.  Once was when she was feeling particularly in a sweet mood, she rubbed her face along the bristles and I think she surprised herself at how it was kind of a bit too rough for her.  She ate the catnip off the massage center.  The second time she used the gum massage for about 30 seconds.

Final verdict: If your cat likes massage type toys, or likes to rub up against things often, this is probably great for them.  For Isis, it was not.  I donated the toy to our local shelter.  Hopefully the cats there can use it and enjoy it.  I am sure Isis was happy to see the strange alien object go.  I would not recommend it unless you know for sure your cat would like a massage type toy.  It is for sale on

Weekly Trick – Top 5 Cat Tricks (According to Animal Planet)

Next week will be a new Saturday topic, as I have run out of tricks to share for now.  For this week, let’s talk about the top 5 tricks (for cats) according to the popular channel, Animal Planet.

The fifth trick in the top five is “shaking hands.”  This is probably the first trick anyone should try to teach their cat, as it is (believe it or not) the easiest trick for a cat to learn.  If they are receptive to learning tricks, this will be the test.

The forth top trick is “hurdle those obstacles”.  This trick is a little more advanced, but the basics of it is to put an obstacle on the floor (like a paper bag or a stick) and have the cat examine it and play with it, then run a “lure” (something like a feather or their favorite toy on a string), so that they will cross over top of the obstacle.

The third top trick is “hoop dreams”. This trick calls for a hula hoop and teaching your cat to first walk through the hoop, and progress to jumping through the hoop with the use of clicker training.  Animal Planet goes through how to perform each trick, step by step.

The second top trick is “paws-ing to shop”.  Use a large box with flaps, or if you don’t mind your cat crawling into a cabinet, and then place some of your cat’s favorite toys inside and use the command “go shopping” along with your clicker and have your cat pull out the toys one by one.

To find out what the number one trick is, click here for the article and have fun teaching your cat these great tricks!