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Household Items That Can Stress Out Your Cat Or Dog

Did you know that regular household items that we use every day or hear every day could be stressing out our furbabies?  Many things that we can block out, our pets can’t and thus, they must deal with it.  There are common things that we can do to stop them from stressing out, and changing our bad habits and ways so that we can learn to live peacefully together!

The first item that could be stressing out your furbabies is noise pollution.  You know, all that static background noise and such that we can tune out, our pets cannot.  Items such as florescent lightbulbs, tvs, video games, etc.  can really stress a cat out because they can hear about 1.6 octaves higher than humans.

Do you fight and raise your voice?  That can also really bother pets not only the sound, but they can feel the emotion and realize that something is wrong.  They cannot fix it and therefore they will feel stress.

The next item is intense odors.  These are things like disinfectants, scented litters, air fresheners, perfume.  A cat’s sense of smell is 14 times better than a human’s, and a dog’s sense of smell is said to be about 1000 to one million times better than our sense of smell.  Toning down our scents in the house and not using scented cat litter can help immensely.  Getting rid of the source of the smell is the first step.

The third item is visual overload.  Bright lights on the tv, or loud and lots of commotion tv.  In order for our pets (and even us) to get a restful sleep, it is wise to turn off our computers and tvs, have peace and quiet and a safe space for our pets to sleep so that they can relax and destress from their day.

Some people swear by playing soft, classical music for pets when they leave the house.  There are studies done that claim there is a huge benefit to animals who have this music on while alone.

There is a great article written by a vet about all the stress our pets face.  It is probably best to help our pets destress and feel safe, loved and happy.  I know I have changed many things that I do (such as scents and turning everything off at night, and leaving classical music on when no one is home).  I have noticed a difference in the two weeks since this was started.  Try it, it will be beneficial not only to your pets, but to you as well!