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Top 10 Questions Asked Of Dog Veterinarians

As pet parents, we all care about the well-being of our dogs.  Many times we ask questions to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our pets healthy.  Many vets were contacted, and these were the most common questions that were asked:

What is the best way to make sure my dog is receiving the best nutrition?

By reading labels on your dog food and giving them a healthy diet with plenty of protein , some fats and very little if any, fillers (corn, wheat, gluten, etc)., and by giving them healthy treats you will be providing your dog with the best nutrition possible.

My dog seems to have trouble rising in the morning (or they are limping) what could this be?

Many times as dogs grow older, they will need to be checked for hip dysplasia, or arthritis.  If this is an issue, there are many medications that can help an elderly dog.

What I suggest, since Sasha is a lab mix, they seem to be likely to develop hip dysplasia, so I opt to give her supplements for healthy, strong bones, and to keep the cartilage strong.  I use Cosequin Plus, but there are many alternatives on that page.  I figure I want to keep her as happy and healthy as long as possible, so I am going to do what it takes to keep her that way,

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